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Tripmole | How can you increase flight bookings with flight Amenities content?

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How can you increase flight bookings with flight Amenities content?

14. August 2019 02:21 by Moondeep Aggarwal in Airline Amenities
Are your customers able to see flight amenities content on your travel portal? Many leading travel companies show in-flight amenities on their portal to give personalized booking experience to customers.

Are your customers able to see flight amenities content on your travel portal?             

Many leading travel companies show in-flight amenities on their portal to give personalized booking experience to customers.

Personalization encourages travelers to buy flight tickets as per their choices. Here, we are focusing on the importance of showing airline amenities on your travel portal. After knowing the food, entertainment, WIFI, power availability of a flight, customers make bookings accordingly. Making preferences become easier when they find the flight amenities content on travel portal. This gives them a convenient booking experience.

Many travel companies already tested and found showing Airline amenities content useful as that increased their flight bookings soon after the content appeared on their portals. With this approach, they converted many visitors into customers.

Generate maximum flight bookings by showing these Airline Amenities to your customers

Disclosing Legroom during flight brings high web-traffic to travel websites

Legroom is one of the important flight amenities that travelers mostly search for. They try to find suitable legroom to ensure a comfortable journey. Legroom is also referred to as seat pitch, i.e. the space between one point of any seat to the same point on the seat in front of it. More seat pitch reflects more legroom.

  • In order to book a flight having suitable legroom, travelers prefer to use portals that clearly mention seat pitch. Therefore, travel agencies, OTA(s), TMC(s), and other travel entities prefer showing flight amenities content so that they can reveal legroom.
  • Passengers even pay an extra amount to set comfort during the flight. They generally look for suitable legroom in long haul flights. Therefore, displaying this flight amenity content on portals helps travel companies engage more customers.
  • Travelers find the amenity information useful as some airlines have worked on seating considerations to accommodate more passengers. This has reduced flight seat pitch. Therefore, passengers like to compare flight legroom data to avoid any trouble related to the latest seat considerations of Airlines.
  • The new wave of advancements in travel industry brought the way for travelers to check the seat pitch beforehand. They search flight amenity like legroom to ensure the best onboard experience. Hence, travel agencies show legroom flight amenity to meet customer needs.

Flight Amenities data showing Seat layout catch your customers’ attention

Passengers generally prefer flights that let them allocate seats on their own. Most of them find the seat layout necessary to know the exact cabin configurations of the Airplanes. This helps them understand the Airplane’s seating format that can be viewed as 3–4–3, 3-5-3, 2-4-2, 1-2-1, 3–3– 3, or 3-3.

Cabin configuration of flight depends upon whether the Airplane is wide-body or narrow-body. They may have a single aisle or two aisles that vary according to the Airplane types. Passengers can also check asymmetrical seat layouts that follow 2-3, 1-2 seating formats as per different Aircraft types.

  • Travelers find seat layout as an important parameter to know before booking a flight. However, they do not want to waste time in searching for those flights. Therefore, they select a travel portal that shows flight amenities content so that they can check the seat layout easily.
  • A flight seat that allows direct aisle access is commonly preferred. Some travelers eye for a seat in the middle row so as to reduce the standup time.
  • Seat layout allows passengers to allocate aisle seats that allows them to resolve long-time sitting issues as aisle seats allow them to take walk anytime without disturbing others. This is also one of the reasons that passengers select travel portal showing seat layout in their Airline amenities content so that they can book flights accordingly.
  • Some passengers enjoy peaceful views by occupying window seats and some assign exit row seats that allow extra legroom. There are plenty of reasons that passengers find seat layouts very useful. 

Increase traffic on your travel website by revealing Airplane types

Knowing Airplane type before booking seems interesting to many travelers worldwide. The idea becomes practical when travel agencies show flight amenities content revealing Airplane type also.

Many travelers find the info useful as they have their own preferences of an Airplane type. The flight amenity content reflects Airplane types in terms of wide-body jets, narrow-body jets, Turboprop Airliner, Helicopter, Light Jet, mid-sized jets, Corporate jetliner, and business jets.

  • Some passengers like to choose corporate jets when they have to go for business meetings and some prefer wide-body jets or any other type.
  • Being part of ongoing trends, newer Airplanes are preferred by passengers these days. These Aircraft types possess the latest features covering better humidity levels, mood lighting, high pressurization, nice fuel efficiency.
  • There are advanced wide-body jets that are spotted with above-average features like wide-windows, high humidity, high cabin pressure, speed, wide aisles, range, and payload capability.
  • Wide-body jets or twin-aisle Airplanes are common for long-haul flights whereas narrow-body or single-aisle Airplanes generally serve short or medium distance journeys.
  • Nowadays, the flexibility passengers get regarding selections of Air-Carriers has made the long-distant traveling better than before.
  • The flight amenity content revealing Air-Carrier type helps passengers select right flight as per their journey requirements.

Show In-Flight Entertainment info to your customers & make more money

If we talk about in-flight entertainment, it is one of the important Airline amenities that customers want to know before booking a flight. There are many entertainment options for passengers onboard that prevent journey from being boring, especially for long haul flights.

Different entertainment options available to passengers onboard can be identified in terms of wireless streaming, seatback screens, overhead screens, live TV, on-demand alternatives, and loop video. This flight amenity data helps travelers get the entertainment that they actually need.

  • OTA(s) and TMC(s) display flight amenities content showing In-flight entertainment to make more money. They form a path for passengers to choose the entertainment that they like the most.
  • Travelers commonly find this flight amenity interesting to know beforehand. Whether they are planning for luxury holidays or healthy weekend trips, many of them prefer in-flight entertainment to make the overall trip enjoyable
  • Easy access to this type of content helps travel companies build customer trust for a long time.
  • Many travel companies maintain balance with the latest demands by showing such Airline amenities. This increases customer engagements on their websites.
  • It is a modernized approach for travel companies to make more money.

Meet customer expectations by displaying WIFI-enabled flights on your travel portal


If we talk about the WIFI on flights, many travelers need it for online browsing or stream videos on their personal devices. Demand seems to be increasing and they inquire more about the Airlines offering in-flight WIFI facility. Therefore, travel companies felt the need to have access to Airline amenities content that lets them reveal WIFI-enabled flights to customers. Showing Airline rich content on travel portal helps them increase bookings.

Some Airlines claim high-speed internet and some are on their way to upgrade the existing ones with satellite-based WIFI to ensure uninterrupted service. For example, Gogo, i.e. popular inflight internet provider offers the WIFI speed of around 9 Mbps using cell-towers whereas it offers nearly 15 Mbps per individual using satellite-based technology. Some Airlines have a router on board that works similar to the normal router for distributing WIFI. This shows the importance of WIFI to customers as Airlines are already working on offering reliable WIFI service. Hence, showing the WIFI availability through flight amenities content is equally important to travel agencies.

Essential Airline amenities list to show on the portal includes Power Outlet also

Travel websites are deeply driven by a few important factors that make them more popular. Travel companies consider a power outlet also as one of the essential flight amenities. Most of the passengers like to know if charging their devices on the flight would be possible or not. Sourcing the data that notify their customers about power ports/USB outlets on flights is proving profitable to many companies. They noticed increased customer bookings after showing this Airline amenity data.

The power amenity database confirms if passengers will get an AC power socket and power outlets. This allows passengers to easily connect their charging cords. A USB port can be seen beneath the screen. Some Airlines offer DC power on some of their Airplanes that are convertible through DC-to-AC adaptors when asked about flights. There also exist multiple power outlets on a single seat on some flights.

Revealing in-flight food availability on travel portal is quite profitable to companies

Passengers usually look for flights offering meals on long haul journey. Many of them like to know about food availability status before booking a flight. With the help of flight amenities content shown on travel portals, they check if the required meal is available on the flight. Airlines provide breakfast, lunch, snacks, and meals. Food amenity is one of the essential flight amenities to passengers. They check its availability status in advance. Airlines food range covers fruit platter, gluten-free meal, veg, and non-veg meals. Modern cuisines are also served on some flights. In order to have food on board, passengers commonly check if meals, lunch are served on flights. Therefore, they prefer to travel portals showing the availability of food amenity.

Flight amenities data showing beverages availability is useful for travel entities

In addition to other important flight amenities, knowing beverages availability on flights seems decisive factor to many travelers before flight bookings. They like to know if beverages are offered onboard. As per the recent analysis, it was found that the conversion rate was affected when the travel entities started showing the most searched in-flight amenities, including beverages.

Around 15% of travelers found this amenity worth exploring to determine the better passenger experience. The options vary from flight to flight and may include drinks, juices, wines, lemonade, tea, coffee. Flight bookings get improved as the step to display such informative data that reveals in-flight amenities is extremely useful to travel companies.